Woodland stream.

South Dakota drops lion hunting quota to 60

The South Dakota Game Commission voted over the weekend to reduce the 2016 Black Hills mountain lion hunting quota to 60 lions from the previous year's 75.

Some conservationists see this action as a first move by the Commission in recognizing that the lion population in the Black Hills has been over hunted. Opponents claim that the last two years of dismal hunting results are more a . . .

SoCal Mountain lion climbs 35-foot tall power-line pole

The accompanying photo was taken by Lucerne Valley Daily Press Staff Writer Peter Day

Late yesterday afternoon, drivers on a rural highway, just outside the Southern California community of Lucerne Valley, experienced a rare sight - a mountain lion sitting atop a 35-foot high wooden power-line pole.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) . . .

Mountain lion kitten rescued from California wildfire

Out of the ashes of California's recent mega-fires, a little miracle emerged.

Last week, Bobbie Carne and her fellow animal rescuers were saving abandoned pets and livestock along the edges of the Butte fire. During their search she and a couple young girls came across a slightly scorched mountain lion kitten.

Allowing itself to be picked up and removed from danger, the . . .

Nation's largest mountain lion "bridge" proposed for southern California's highway 101

Earlier this week, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority released a long-awaited study by Caltrans concluding that building the nation's largest wildlife "bridge" over the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills was feasible.

Projected to cost $33 million to $38 million, the 165-foot-wide, 200-foot-long overpass, complete with drought-tolerant vegetation, near Liberty Canyon Road . . .

Frightened Palmdale Lion Startles Mechanic

A mechanic and a mountain lion were both startled to discover each other early Friday morning in Palmdale, California. The young female lion had most likely wandered out of Angeles National Forest sometime during the night on her trek to find a home range. As the sun rose, she sought shelter to sleep through the day among some boxes in a quiet, storage alcove by the entrance to LJ . . .

New Mexico Game Commission stifles public opposition to help trophy hunters kill more lions

Over the jeering protest of several hundred wildlife activists, the New Mexico Game and Fish Commission unanimously approved their state game agency's recommendation to allow the trapping of mountain lions on private and state trust lands.

Observers of this blatant betrayal of the public trust knew from the start that this particular outcome was a forgone conclusion and that the "game" . . .

Wild or captive? KDFW is making unbelievable assumptions in effort to prove they had to kill lion

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife (KDFW) has ended its eight month investigation into the origin and history of the first mountain lion to return to Kentucky since the species was extirpated in that state more than 150 years ago.

Necropsy results and tooth-aging analyses indicate the lion was a 125 pound, 5-year-old male in good physical condition and health. DNA analyses . . .

Oakland Zoo hosts lion day to inspire guests to work to conserve lions in U.S. and Africa

The following story was written by Malaika Fraley and originally posted on the Oakland Tribue website.

In the wake of public outrage over the illegal trophy killing of an iconic African lion in Zimbabwe, the Oakland Zoo on Saturday held its second annual Lion Appreciation Day in hopes of inspiring people to help work to conserve lions in the United States as well as in . . .

Innocent Mountain Lion Shot To Death Simply For Existing

The following article was written by Ameena Schelling and published on The Dodo on Monday, August 17.

A mountain lion ventured within the city limits of Great Falls, Montana, on Friday morning. She wouldn't leave alive.

The young female was first spotted before dawn on . . .

South Dakota game commission still refuses to accept that they are over-hunting mountain lions

Embarrassed by the last two lion hunting seasons reaching mortality levels of only half of what was expected,* the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Commission apparently wants to make a better showing next year by reducing the quota to a level that might be reached and by increasing the number of lion hunters.

To that end, the Commission has proposed dropping next year's lion hunting . . .