Morgan Monroe State Forest, Indiana

Bend, Oregon trying to create a Urban Cougar Plan: Just political cover to kill more cougars?

In response to a series of recent lethal (for the lion) cougar incidents, the Bend City Council is asking for assistance from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), and the U.S. Wildlife Service in crafting a Urban Cougar Response Plan.

This action appears to be a logical step in proactively addressing the fact that mountain lions live nearby and that they occasionally come into human space. However, it also brings into question as to exactly what type . . .

MLF joins coalition of conservation groups to sue Mendocino County for breaking promise and renewing Wildlife Services contract


MLF was part of a coalition of animal protection and conservation organizations that filed suit Monday challenging Mendocino County's [California] contract renewal with USDA - Wildlife Services, a notorious federal agency whose wildlife-killing program killed close to 3 million animals in the . . .

mountain lion cougar puma catamount panther
all the same animal!

Whatever you call America's Lion...

he's more than a trophy...
too few in numbers...
across far less habitat...
in a land with more people.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered about Mountain Lions

Wildlife Conservation and Management Funding

05/21/15 Guest Commentary by Mark E. Smith and Donald A. Molde

The authors present a novel approach to help answer the question "Who really pays for wildlife in the U.S?" Their research revealed approximately 94% of total funding for wildlife conservation and management comes from the non-hunting public. A proper understanding and accurate public perception of this funding question is a necessary next step in furthering the current debate as to whether and how much influence the general public should have at the wildlife policy-making level, particularly within state wildlife agencies.

Photograph of lion walking through autumn leaves.

The American Lion:
Biology and Behavior

Spend just eight minutes and learn little known facts about the fascinating mountain lion. Get a glimpse of how a mountain lion thinks, feels, and senses. What makes the mountain lion so adaptable to a wide variety of habitats? How does their hunting differ from that of wolves and bears? What is their relationship to the ecosystem?
Photograph of two autumn leaves, green and bright crimson.

Slice of Nevada Discusses Mountain Lions

07/24/15 A Radio Interview with MLF Staff and Nevada Volunteers

Current issues facing lions in Nevada, including hunting, trapping, impacts on ecosystems, and population data.